No one is perfect, but humanity is disgusting!

On the 5th September 2018, Birdlife International released an article stating that eight bird species, including two species of macaw “look set have their extinction confirmed following a robust new assessment of Critically Endangered species.” As Dr Stuart Butchart confirms, five out of the eight species to be confirmed as extinct or highly likely to go extinct is due to human destruction : “Ninety per cent of bird extinctions in recent centuries have been of species on islands” says Dr Stuart Butchart, BirdLife’s Chief Scientist and lead author on the paper. “However, our results confirm that there is a growing wave of extinctions sweeping across the continents, driven mainly by habitat loss and degradation from unsustainable agriculture and logging”. The increasing rate of extinction all over the world, not just among macaws, is one of which as a nation, should be worried about.

Why is it that so many animals are going extinct and no one of high power is doing anything about it? Every other day we hear a new report on a tourist killing an animal in Africa on safari, in supposedly protected areas. So how is this happening? One reason among many for killings in protected areas is wealthy tourists paying corrupt guards on the safari to keep quiet, so they can revoltingly enter a safari park and kill the worlds most beautiful creatures. And for what? For their selfish desires to be stronger than the most feared animal on the planet, through the pathetic feeling of threat to their power? For fun? No answer is good enough to explain why you would kill such beautiful animals.

Kenya is ranked the third most corrupt country in the world, however, if you type “safari Africa” into google the first destination noted is Kenya. Furthermore an article by states that, “Incidents of corruption in Kenya are not limited to large corporations or government agencies. Bribe-taking is common among many lower-level officials, with the average city-dwelling Kenyan having to pay as many as 16 bribes each month just in the course of everyday life. ” It is no surprise, due to these facts, that bribes are an everyday factor of life for people of all classes within Kenya. Today, over 40% of people living in sub-Saharan Africa still live in absolute poverty. Due to many circumstances, many workers are underpaid and do not have enough money to even feed their family. There are many arrows pointing to guards within the safari industry that they are the reason why affluent people kill in Africa. However, if your family was starving, dying, would you accept the money for the loss of an animal, so that you could support your family? The affluent are taking advantage of the corruption within Africa and it is vile, inhumane and selfish.

Nonetheless, the corruption of Africa is not the main reason as to why extinction is heightening in recent years. According to a few of the main reasons why extinction is occurring is global warming, loss of habitat, pollution, human predation, all factors caused by humans…

The photo featured at the top of this article is by photographer Nick Brandt, the message behind this photo and many of his images are clear. Humanity is indirectly the leading factor of extinction.



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