For the people who tell me I write too much, this one’s for you.

I’m a very open person, however, I very rarely show my vulnerable side and open up about my feelings, but when I do I mean what I say. For me this blog is extremely personal but I am behind a screen, no one can reject me. You have to open yourself up sometimes but I feel whenever I do that everything goes wrong.  I can’t help but think that I have an expiry date of six months…

I haven’t felt this down in a while and don’t want to talk to anyone about it at the moment so I have decided to write about it instead. Life really is shite sometimes but you have to appreciate the little things that make you feel a little better (even if it’s just momentary), on days like today; whether that’s your mate staying in Costa with you for an extra ten minutes, or someone taking the time out of their night to speak on the phone whilst you cry.

It is okay to miss someone, even if you didn’t know them for that long, to long for something that never happened or to hate your job. You will be okay again, eventually.


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