The education system is failing students in the 21st century

Why does the education system fail us over and over again? The amount of stress placed on students in recent years is appalling. Teenage years are about learning about yourself and what you love. So why is it that the education system fails to let us enjoy what we love? Yes, sacrifices must be made in order to achieve, however, are we sacrificing our well being? Do exams show our true potential? Is the stress of school too overwhelming to bare?

After doing work experience in an industry I love, I have come to a few conclusions: 1. If you are doing what you love, stress doesn’t matter, instead it drives you. 2. Teenage life shouldn’t be depressing. 3. We shouldn’t be as stressed as we are. I am currently studying subjects I love, so why aren’t I enjoying them? The amount of stress placed on students makes anything enjoyable painful. Day in, day out students are in tears over the stresses of school. Yes, stress drives a person, but how much stress can we cope with, without it breaking us? After being in floods of tears last night, purely from the stress of school, I have realised that no one should feel like this due to the stress placed on us from the education system. It is truly ridiculous the amount of students being referred to counsellors, told to see their GP’s, placed on anti-depressants and being mentally exhausted because of the stress from the education system. The one time I was in tears during work experience was because I was so overjoyed and overwhelmed with happiness that I achieved something that felt impossible, a feeling I have never felt during my whole education experience, because even if you accomplish a goal that personally felt impossible, it is never enough within the education systems expectations within the twenty-first century.

Surely the fact that suicide rates among students has risen by 56% over the space of ten years is enough to make the UK government realise that the education system is corrupt; and if that isn’t enough, tens of thousands of under-18s are on anti-depressants in England alone and large numbers of students are experiencing mental health problems. So answer me this, why aren’t the UK’s government doing anything to stop this? Why are they making exams harder? A survey by the guardian shows that more primary school children are suffering from stress due to SAT’s. Children who are seven years old are suffering from stress…the most stressful event that should happen to you when you’re seven years old is when you’re told Santa isn’t real!

We should be enjoying our teenage years, not crying because exam results determine our future. In an increasingly competitive society we have no choice but to achieve within the education system in order to be successful. However, for many students exam results do not show our true potential, surely the many hours of work we do in the classroom and the amount in which we progress should be taken into account. How does it comprehend that a final exam that takes a few hours to complete show, hours and hours of studying in and out of the classroom, progress made by that individual and a students true potential? It doesn’t make sense how that final grade should determine our future. A student that may have gotten an A grade may not be nearly as hard working as a student who’s achieved a B grade. So why is it that the education system insists on using these final grades as a way of placing students on a scale within society.


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