Are we ever truly happy?

The euphoria a person feels when gaining good test results after hard work, getting a pay rise or having an amazing orgasm all has me asking one question… does true happiness exist and if it does, are we ever truly happy and if we are, does that feeling stay for long?

People use the phrase “truly happy” loosely all the time, but what does it mean? “When you feel fulfilled and satisfied with how your life is.” or is it “Being in love so hard that it hurts.” or “the feeling of sanity and contentment that is often taken for granted by those who have it.” My favourite response to the question of what is true happiness is this: “I think the only time you can ever truly be happy is when you’re a child and you don’t have anything to worry about, unless you’re Victoria Beckham, I would be truly happy if I was her.” Maybe that is the key to true happiness, to be Victoria Beckham. However, all the answers keep linking to the same idea that we can only be truly happy from materialistic items or love from another person. Do we really have to rely on these things to provide us with true happiness? Why is it we believe this is what gives us true happiness? Does society make us think this is the only way to gain true happiness? Does love truly give us happiness?

Being in love makes you feel as though you can conquer the world, anyone and anything…however, life is not a fairytale. There are compromises within love, sacrifices we make to give one another the feeling of ‘true happiness’. So surely if we have to make sacrifices and compromise on the things we love then another person can not make us feel ‘truly happy’. We may feel more happy but are we ‘truly happy’? Is a relationship the rose-tinted glasses to ‘true happiness’? If love doesn’t give us true happiness then what can? Materialistic items like our dream house, car or shoes can only keep us happy for so long. You can have a dream house and a terrible job, or your dream car that’s hiding your insecurities or shoes so expensive you don’t eat. Why can’t we give true happiness to ourselves, without anyone or anything providing it for us?

Is insanity and ignorance the path to true happiness? I believe true happiness exists, but it doesn’t last long. When a soldier runs to his pregnant wife and embraces her so hard it’s suffocating, that’s true happiness. When your friends tell you that you look great and you feel it, that’s true happiness. When you’re comfortable in yourself and feel no judgement, that’s true happiness. But how long does true happiness last for? A sleazy comment from a passer by can instantly make you feel uncomfortable, even in the most invincible of moods. A bad grade in a test after an amazing day can immediately make you feel helpless. A text from an ex-lover telling you they miss you can make you feel distraught. If true happiness exists… it doesn’t last long.

However, maybe there is hope, and the reason we feel true happiness is out of reach is because when we’re experiencing it we are blind to it, because all we think is am I happy enough  now?


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